2pm Studios Website

The first step down a new path.

When this site was created, it was at a point where we could see greener pastures on the horizon, which is one of the reasons why green is a prominent color on the website. We designed our first company website in the fall of 2013 and was one of the few sites that we built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This was changed due to our new approach that allows our clients to have the option to have a hands-on approach to their website.

This site showcases our typical layout of having a homepage, slider, about us, services offered, plan prices, and a contact page. Coincidentally, all of our sites have a similar layout now, with different design elements.

Oct 2020 Edit: Since launch, as this was the original name of the company for us we’ve transitioned into Ricks Concepts and discontinued this website. We are still very proud of how this website looked and functioned.

Project Details

Client: 2pm Studios

Category: Web Design

Date: October 2013

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