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Hello and welcome to Ricks Concepts!

We are an Oklahoma City-based web design studio that takes pride in our work by striving for an exceptional customer service relationship. We work with customers to create website products that meet their marketing and business goals. We do this by creating quality websites, improving search engine optimization, providing branding services, and catering to clients’ photography needs. We use these tools to help educate customers on how they can be the most successful in their business using the web.

In today’s internet-enhanced world, we understand the need for top-notch web design for Oklahoma City businesses. Competing with thousands of companies for online dominance is tough, but with the right combination of visibility, a distinct brand identity, and user-centric design, we help create a unique online persona that’ll reach the desired audience — all in one web package.

There are many websites that are poorly constructed, with no consistent look or feel, and very little functionality for the end-user. These haphazardly thrown together sites, with disjointed content and images, are unappealing and ineffective.

This is why the core of our services hinges on consistently integrating highly functional components and visually pleasing elements. We enjoy fusing this design ethic with our clients’ brand, producing amazing results that go beyond their expectations. If a client needs help with branding, we’ll help them develop one that perfectly represents their services, values, and vision.

It doesn’t end with a beautiful website, though. We also work hard to optimize everything under the hood, making sure sites rank high on search engines. All these come together to form an impressive web design any Oklahoma City business would appreciate.

We strive to deliver the high-quality websites to customers, putting heart and soul into each project, and ensuring that the final product is above and beyond expectations every time.

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“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

– Neville Brody


What We Bring To The Table


A brand works beyond being just an eye-catching logo. We’ll make your business identity evident in all elements of our design.

Web Design

Websites are the first point of contact for potential customers online. We’ll make sure they get a great first impression.


Maintaining your website after launch is critical for success. Keeping your site up to date and protected is our goal for your site.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

– Steve Jobs

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

– Jeffrey Zeldman


What My Clients Say

“The soul never thinks without an image.”

– Aristotle


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