Oklahoma Sonography Society Website

Listen to the beat, the beat of the digital age.

Oklahoma Sonography Society came to us with the hopes that we could give them a proper branding and website design at an affordable cost. Our graphic designer met with them to see what their requests were and then about two weeks later came back with a logo that they love.

For their website, we wanted to create a straight message. They wanted a platform where their past meetings could be showcased with pictures, dues could be paid, job postings could be displayed and general news could be posted for their organization. Overall, we ended with a functional site that met the needs of our client.

UPDATE: As of the Summer of 2020 we reached out to them for a redesign and I think the results speak for themselves. They love the new look.

Project Details

Client: Oklahoma Sonography Society

Category: Web Design

Date: March 2014

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