Storm Brew Games Website

Bringing a local game shop to the world wide web.

Having a site for your business is important because in today’s society the first interaction that a business has with a customer is their website. So having a quality website is important because first impressions are key.

Storm Brew Games is a local board game shop in Edmond, Oklahoma. They have popular card games like Yu Gi Oh and Magic the Gathering, multiple board games, and miniature driven games like Warhammer or 40k.

Using WordPress, we integrated their Facebook events calendar into their website so customers can see what event is occurring that night and descriptive pages tell customers what can be found there.

Oct 2020 Edit: Since launch, the spent a solid 3 years in business but due to the events of COVID-19 in March of 2020 they decided to close their doors. As their site lives on in the image below.

Project Details

Client: Storm Brew Games

Category: Web Design

Date: July 2017

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